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Home Loan Rates Have Touched 9%+. Should You Prepay?

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The interest and principal repayment on such EMIs are deductible from their taxable income under the old tax regime as per the prescribed limits. This allows them to lower their tax burden and thus increase their disposable income. So, if your income falls under the taxable slabs, and you are considering buying a house on…

Here’s how you can save money for your Maldives trip!

When you travel, the general perception is to be super careful about the way you spend your money. At the same time, the usual practice ends up being making a compromise on something special only because it was too expensive. But what if you don’t have to?! Through meticulous planning of your budget, you can…

Travel to these amazing getaways in Travel Maldives guilt-free

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save money: Maldives is reputed for its breathtakingly beautiful crystal-clear waters that complement various shades of blue, lush clusters of palm trees, and comforting white sand under the wide expanse of the skies. Indeed, Maldives just screams “vacation”! Add the fact the Maldives is noted for having an excellent climate. You can see why the…

An Ode to the Travel Extravaganza at Multipl

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Budget goal: We all wish to explore different places and destinations when it comes to travelling, but the money and budget goals make us step back. Naturally, we keep waiting for the times when we would have some spare cash to splurge on travelling. While it is not easy to keep aside money for such…

Plan Now, Buy Later – a new movement in spending

It’s the starting of a new movement – a revolution in the way money-smart Indians spend for their lifestyle needs. It’s time to move on from credit driven consumption and age old bank savings to a smarter model of saving and spending. Read on to understand more about Plan Now, Buy Later model of Multipl. Keep your pockets happy, be stress-free and debt-free.

Buy Now, Pain Later?

Uncovering the Buy Now Pay Later schemes so that our community members take an informed decision before opting for such payment options.When does ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Becomes ‘Buy Now Pain Later’?