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Just got a Job? Spend better and Save More with Multipl

how to save more money

You just cracked the job interview and are ready to take on your journey to start your new job. However, if it’s your first job or you have switched for a better opportunity, you should be very cautious about how you spend your salary and, more importantly, how to save more money. Though a salary increase might tempt you to spend some extra money here and there, you need to find a way where you can spend better and save more money at the same time. It is always rewarding to start saving and investing from the beginning, which can eventually help you fulfil your short-term and long-term goals. Here, we discuss how to save more money in your first job only. 

How to save money: the right tips and tricks

How to save more money with Multipl?

With your first paycheck, think of increasing your purchasing power and making the right amount of savings. With the Multipl app, you can create a goal for yourself, whether short-term or long-term. Define the purpose and the time you wish to achieve that goal, and Multipl helps you create the goal. It gives you the option to auto-invest by deducting the money automatically on the stipulated date, and your money will be invested towards your goall. You also get reward points for every goal that you save. Multipl encourages spending smarter and saving more by redeeming these reward points against brands like Flynote, Yatra, MMT, EaseMyTrip , tanishq, PC Jewellers, Livspace, Chroma, etc. 


With the Multipl app, you can spend better from your salary and save at the same time by creating simple goals on the app without compromising on your lifestyle and expenses. In addition, the rewards and offers that you get help you save even more, and you can fulfil your dream of visiting an exotic destination or buying a new house. 

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