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Dreaming of a vacation to your loved place? A guide to plan a save budget friendly vacation of your dreams.

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Who doesn’t drool over those Instagram-worthy pictures of your friends travelling to beautiful places? We all do, indeed! We all have dreams of visiting our favourite destinations once in a lifetime and striking things off our to-do bucket list. But travelling abroad is a big expense to consider and requires a lot of savings. So,…

Are you planning a solo trip? Then, these affordable travel tips are just what you need!

Save money

Save Money: A solo tour throughout India can be incredibly eye-opening, despite appearing chaotic. You get the opportunity to interact with people from your own country and other countries. However, being prepared and sticking to a well-researched strategy to prevent abrupt situations is the key to a happy vacation for lone female-travelers in India. We’ve…

It’s time to break the bias in financial advice: Women’s role in Managing Finances

money management

Women are increasingly taking up positions of higher authority in MNCs all around the globe. As a direct or indirect consequence, women’s role in handling household finances has grown significantly in the last decade. Various studies have found that women actively involved in the financial system had superior risk management, excellent money management skills,  smoother…