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An Ode to the Travel Extravaganza at Multipl

budget goal

Budget goal: We all wish to explore different places and destinations when it comes to travelling, but the money and budget goals make us step back. Naturally, we keep waiting for the times when we would have some spare cash to splurge on travelling. While it is not easy to keep aside money for such…

7 things you can do today to stop stressing about money

stop stressing about money

Do you worry about money all of the time? Is it causing you sleepless nights and constant anxiety? You certainly aren’t alone in this. Even the most savvy financial specialists can experience financial worry. However, dealing with money anxiety and financial stress necessitates careful consideration, a step back, and reflection on how to get out…

It’s time to break the bias in financial advice: Women’s role in Managing Finances

money management

Women are increasingly taking up positions of higher authority in MNCs all around the globe. As a direct or indirect consequence, women’s role in handling household finances has grown significantly in the last decade. Various studies have found that women actively involved in the financial system had superior risk management, excellent money management skills,  smoother…