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Women’s best protection is the little money of her own: If not now, then when?

how to save more money

Here are some exclusive tips on how to save more money A woman faces a multitude of financial roadblocks at work and home alike. Even as our society advances, women’s regressive issues such as the gender pay gap, financial illiteracy, household duties, marital challenges, and legal bias are prominent.  But it’s never too late for…

The Indian Penchant for Saving in Gold: An Investment Worth the Money

save your money in Gold

Gold has been one of India’s oldest forms of investment. Its strong selling factors include high liquidity and inflation-beating capacity, as well as charm, grandeur, and so on. When the markets are choppy, gold prices rise. Though there are times when gold prices dip, they never linger long and always make a strong comeback. Gold…

The Best Way to Manage Household Finances – How Indian Women Do It

Best Way to Manage Household Finances

Managing finances is a life skill that can help in achieving life goals. Women are considered better at managing money than men. Statistics show that women have been successfully managing home spending and budgeting since the dawn of time. There are numerous practices to be learned that can benefit anyone in today’s fast-paced world. Women…

Financial Literacy in Women towards Financial Freedom: How Things Have Changed Over the Ages

financial literacy for women

Money management skills are always the tricky ones to master. With the rising and dynamic changes in prices, household expenditures, keeping up with security & other funds, and having just the right amount of money to not over splurge, handling cash is a life skill.  Women are known for their exceptional skills in managing finances…

Delayed Gratification – should you wait or give in ?

We all have heard about the perks of not giving in to instant gratifications. But typically the context is always about waking up and exercising – basically physical health. What about your financial health? Does delaying gratification improve your financial well-being or does it take away the fun? Read more to know how you can delay your gratification to gain more while spending on things you’d love to buy.

Plan Now, Buy Later – a new movement in spending

It’s the starting of a new movement – a revolution in the way money-smart Indians spend for their lifestyle needs. It’s time to move on from credit driven consumption and age old bank savings to a smarter model of saving and spending. Read on to understand more about Plan Now, Buy Later model of Multipl. Keep your pockets happy, be stress-free and debt-free.