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3 Ways To Get the Best Travel Deals For Diwali

Diwali is a time to meet old friends and relatives, dress in bright new clothes, and see the beautiful diyas (oil lamps) all around. For many of us, Diwali is the best part of the year, as it brings back memories of our traditions and childhood.

Celebrating Diwali with family doubles up the joy and happiness of the festival. Many of us head back home for this occasion, but sometimes we face the challenge of higher airfares due to last-minute planning, which can put a strain on our budgets. 

Therefore, Mulipl has mentioned 3 ways to help you get the best travel deals for Diwali.

Book Your Tickets Early and Get the Best Offers

It’s best to book flight tickets months before Diwali — book tickets in August, September, or latest, by early October. Compared to peak prices, you can save almost 8-10% on Diwali travel in September. If you want to save on flight fares, Multipl brings you an exciting offer!

Presenting the Multipl’s Diwali Homecoming Deal. Wherever you are, this Diwali, it’s time to go home.

  • Create your Diwali Travel Goal in Multipl 
  • Save up for 2 months
  • On Goal Completion, book flight tickets from MakeMy Trip or EaseMy Trip
  • Enjoy a flat 8% OFF on flight tickets + market returns on your SIP investment 

We understand that planning a homecoming journey can be a financial commitment. Therefore, Multipl helps you to save up for two months before your Diwali travel. You can now enjoy the festivities to the fullest without any financial worries, as we’ve got you covered with our budget-friendly deal.

Put Your Frequent Flyer Programs to Use

If you frequently travel by flight, this is the perfect time to use your Frequent Flyer Programs. Check with your airline’s frequent flyer program to see if you have enough points to redeem for a free or discounted flight. Diwali is an ideal occasion to utilise these loyalty benefits and save on your travel expenses.

Set up Fare Alerts

You can set up fare alerts for Diwali on different travel websites and airline booking platforms. Therefore, you won’t have to constantly check flight prices manually. Instead, you’ll receive timely notifications when there’s a good deal available, so you can book your flight at a lower price and potentially save money.

About Multipl 

Multipl is the world’s first “Save Now, Pay Later” app which helps you create goal-based investments. 

Based on the duration, purpose, and risk profile, Multipl allocates appropriate assets (mutual funds) in your personalised investment portfolio so you can reach your goal with maximum safety and liquidity. You can create both short-term and long-term savings goals like Gadget Goal, Vacation Goal, Child’s Education Goal, Retirement Savings Goal, Down Payment Savings Goal, and many more. In addition, brands co-invest with you to save more towards your goals. To learn more, visit our website

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