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How Multipl Expert Advisory Can Help Achieve Your Goal

About Multipl

Multipl is the only app that allows big-ticket purchases as well as long-term wealth creation via investing, saving, and spending. We balance your savings, investments, and spending to make sure you live a debt-free life.

Overall, you can save money online more than you would with credit cards and bank savings.

How Do I Start Using the Multipl App to Save Money Online?

  • Sign up using your invite code
  • Complete your profile
  • Start with a Market Saver or Brand Saver goal
  • Set a goal amount, purpose, and duration – save towards that goal with automated payments
  • Unlock milestones, levels, and challenges, and earn rewards

How Does Multipl Choose Only the Best Investments For Me and Save Money Online?

1. We understand your risk profile to save money online

We use the information you provide about yourself and the risk questionnaire to determine your risk profile.

We typically divide risk profiles into 4 categories: conservative, moderate, growth, and aggressive. Take a quick 5-minute quiz designed by our panel of experts to know your risk profile.

The investments recommended to you are risk-adjusted based on your profile. So, if you have the capacity and tolerance for low risk, we recommend only low-risk investments. But if you have a tolerance for higher risk, the investments recommended to you are adjusted for higher risk-higher return accordingly.

2. Goal-based investments

Goal-based investments mean you’re saving and investing for a specific purpose.

Multipl investment engine allocate the right assets and investment portfolio based on your risk profile and the amount, duration and purpose of your goal. We do our best to ensure you can achieve your goal with maximum safety and liquidity. We don’t chase returns; we chase your goals. 

What Could Be My Goal When I Save Money Online?

  • One time spends: buying a bike, car, home, gadget, travel, jewellery, appliances, furniture, or even a telescope
  • Recurring annual spends: your kid’s school fee, online education, career advancement courses, insurance premium, anniversary, festival gifting
  • Long-term wealth and savings: Retirement fund, children’s wedding, emergency fund, tax savings

Multipl is SEBI Registered Investment Advisory

As Multipl is SEBI RIA, there are certain rules to follow:

  • We don’t take commissions from fund houses and AMCs
  • We allocate direct, commission-free mutual funds only.
  • We do not promote any one fund over another.
  • Funds recommended by us are unbiased and based on merit only.

Please note: Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. We do not guarantee any returns and shall not be responsible for any loss in investors’ capital.

What Exclusive Brand Benefits Will I Get By Using Multipl?

To help you save more money on your goals, Multipl partners with the most trusted lifestyle brands. As a Multipler, you get exclusive brand benefits on home furnishing, home interiors, jewellery, travel, electric scooters, bike, TV, smartphones, appliances, child’s online education, career courses, laptops, mattresses, and others. Some of our trusted brand partners are Kalyan Jewellers, Yatra, Ather Energy, Pepperfry, Wakefit, Vedantu, Myntra, Bluestone, Flo Mattress, StayQrious, OnTrack, Edureka, Milagrow, Pickyourtrail, Sangeetha Mobiles, Beyonder Travels, Voyaah, and more.

How Do I Earn Rewards on Multipl?

  • Every time you start a goal and complete saving milestones for that goal 
  • When you level up
  • When you invite your friends and family to join Multipl

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