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5 Ways to achieve your financial goals in 2022

It’s not late to start working on your financial goals, whether they involve spending less or saving more money. Balancing your finances may appear to be a challenging task, but it does not have to be. If you know how to start saving money today, you’ll be on your way to financial success.

It’s not late to start setting your financial goals for the year. Here are five money-saving tips to achieve financial goals in 2022:

Make a vision board for your financial goals and start saving money for it

What are your priorities for this year? An electric bike? More vacations? What are your five-year goals? More long-term investments? Decide what matters most to you and save funds accordingly for those priorities. It is your “vision board” for your finances.

Make a budget that includes more than just food, housing, and other necessities. Include some of the categories from your vision board when saving money. Apps such as Multipl are the best way to save for short- and long-term financial goals. Along with saving towards your goals, you can get great deals from some of the top brands.

Invest more

Investing ensures that your money grows, rather than sitting stagnant. Investing allows you to achieve your dreams while increasing your net worth. So, consider your goals and risk tolerance, and invest a portion of your monthly savings in instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. To maintain consistency, you should start a Systematic Instalment Plan (SIP) and automate your investments. Multipl makes investing easier by curating your investments as per your risk profile, goal duration, instalment value and current market valuation.

Multipl is the world’s first “Save Now, Pay Later” app, which allows you to invest and save simultaneously. The Multipl app determines your risk profile with a small quiz. As a result, based on 20+ quantitative and qualitative parameters, the app recommends investment options, allowing you to maximize your savings by investing in mutual funds. With Multipl, saving money is fun again.

Set money aside for supply chain disruptions and inflation

A slight increase in the price of food or gas can significantly impact when saving money. Account for inflation or unexpected expenses when calculating your living expenses.

For example, let’s consider you want to renovate your home. Now, there has been a disruption in the supply chain of building supplies. This disruption will increase the prices of building supplies, meaning you will need to spend more money than usual. Thus, you can set aside money for such unforeseen expenses or wait till the prices fall.

Create an emergency fund to achive financial goals

Set aside some of your money with each paycheck for unforeseen expenses such as car repairs or job loss. Many financial experts advise saving three to six months of living expenses, though you can save more.

You can start saving money for an emergency right away with Multipl. You set a goal for your emergency savings and have your funds transferred automatically from your salary account to your savings account. 

Remember to keep track of your financial goals progress

If you plan to do one thing in 2022, make it this: check in on your finances regularly.

After establishing your goals and creating a budget to support them:

  1. Go over the finances regularly. You can do it monthly, quarterly, or even biannually.
  2. Compare your projections to where you are during your check-in.
  3. Shift your priorities if your need in a particular area is greater than anticipated.
  4. Adjust your budget in the future when saving money.

A lot can change in a few months, so adjust your budget as your priorities shift.  

Budgeting doesn’t have to be the time-consuming and frustrating task that it appears to be. Likewise, you don’t have to spend hours and hours meticulously tracking every expense. Rather, investing more time and effort in managing your spending and saving habits can put you on a more secure financial path.

Being mindful of your finances is essential and will inevitably help you achieve well-being and any other goals you set for yourself.  

The Bottom Line 

Anytime is a good time for introspection, reflection, and self-improvement. If you want to improve your lifestyle, set a few goals for saving money. Adopting new financial habits can help you get on the road to financial freedom and closer to your ultimate goals. Try to incorporate these five simple habits into your routine throughout the year now when you know how to set and achieve your financial goals with these five simple steps. To know more about Multipl, download it from Google Play Store or AppStore now. 

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