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An Ode to the Travel Extravaganza at Multipl

Budget goal: We all wish to explore different places and destinations when it comes to travelling, but the money and budget goals make us step back. Naturally, we keep waiting for the times when we would have some spare cash to splurge on travelling. While it is not easy to keep aside money for such goals, if we are motivated to save and invest in the right financial instruments, we can fulfil our dreams of travelling to our favourite destinations. In such cases,travelling guilt-free is the mantra.

budget goal

With Multipl, you can plan your travels ahead of time, spend wisely during the trip and make your journey easier. Multipl’s Travel Bonanza ‘22 is just the right kind of opportunity for all your travel freaks. With the exciting offers and deals that it offers, you are sure to plan your trip this year and save quite a lot of money as well. 

Travel Guilt-free with the exciting Travel Bonanza 22 at Multipl | Budget goal

When you plan to travel to your favorite destinations, you are worried about how you will manage additional costs like accommodation, food, shopping and sightseeing.  You might look for options like taking EMI or worrying about paying credit card bills. But with Multipl, you can travel guilt free by not stressing over these things and save money towards your goal. With this saved money or budget goal, you can stay in your favorite luxury hotels, have local delicacies, and shop till you drop without having to worry about anything. With Multipl, you are saving by investing in financial instruments and earning money through market investments. You additionally get discounts and rewards from different brands like makemytrip, yatra, flynote, easemytrip, wandering Jane, PickYourTrail, and many more as add-ons. This is like icing on the cake where you not only save but also get rewards when you plan a goal with Multipl. 

budget goal

Saving for a vacation and splurging afterwards becomes easy peasy at Multipl, thanks to our focused, goal-based approach that offers several short-term investment plans. As a result, Multipl has come up with its Travel Bonanza for ‘22. With Travel Bonanza, travel guilt-free and start saving up for the year-end vacation and earn rewards up to ₹1 crore. Some of the exciting offers of the Multipl’s travel Bonanza’ 22 include:

budget goal

Set your travel goals with Multipl and be a part of the travel Bonanza’ 22. | Budget goal

Make a long-term or short-term savings or budget goal and save money regularly with the Multipl app. Multipl is based on the simple idea of setting short-term objectives and saving for them.  The app is the new one-stop shop for all of your investing needs. If you plan a trip or vacation to your dream destination this year, then get ready with Multipl’s travel Bonanza’ 22. Download the app now and get going on your travelling journey with ease on a budget. 

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