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How to Plan for Major Life Events with Multipl

We all have plans for the future. Be it buying a home of your own, buying the first car, or being able to pay for your education without taking any loads or going on a vacation without worrying about exceeding your budget. But, as much as it goes into planning these things, major life events call for a strong and reliable financial plan that does not end up in debt. 

We at Multipl assist you in planning for these situations and ensuring that you have the best possible financial planning and backing needed. All our financial planning is unique to your needs and goals. So if you have been scratching your head wondering where to start from, keep reading!

Wealth creation goals

Today’s wealth can be tomorrow’s legacy. Careful planning and dedication to savings for a long-term goal is the recipe for success. The financial plan needs to be laid out well and followed throughout the tenure. Investment schemes are a great start for this.

Additionally, you can create your very own wealth creation goals on Multipl. The app lets you plan better and helps in getting the most out of your saving strategies with practical recommendations and saving options. 

Getting your abode

Everyone wants a place they can call their own. Home loans can get difficult to get without an advance down payment. These figures are usually manageable but can be required to be paid early on to ascertain your interest in the investment. The amount can be managed with prior savings and careful financial decision-making.

Insurances for a safe and secure tomorrow

Life insurance adds safety to life and ensures your family lives a comfortable life in case of an unfortunate event resulting in sudden demise. Furthermore, life insurance claims help a family manage any financial crisis in hand and make wise decisions for tactful management of funds. Health insurance is also an investment worth it, considering the rising costs of medical treatments. Aside from these, you can also consider getting home insurance to guard it against damages caused due to an accident, vehicle insurance, and more!

Education planning

Whether you are planning to self-finance your education or planning to save for your children’s education, savings can help take off the burden. You can either invest in high returns, low-risk schemes, or create a fixed deposit with a lock-in period. 

Marriage and maternal health planning

Weddings are getting expensive every year (even the simplest ones!), and without savings, you can be landing debts that may take years to go away. Similarly, maternal planning is crucial to prevent additional last-minute costs. 

Planning for Tomorrow Starts Today!

Big things in life come and go; memories and the stress of managing finances later remain. But, with adequate planning with Multipl, you prepare yourself for what’s ahead and be certain that your savings can manage the worst of situations without letting you down or causing stress. So, while you are busy earning through hard work and perseverance, make sure your money is multiplying for a brighter and more secure tomorrow with Multipl! 

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