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Is your money sitting idle? Let it work for you- Know-how. 

The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has not only put millions of lives in jeopardy around the world, but it has also thrown many individuals into financial difficulties. The significance of being financially prepared is one of the many vital lessons the coronavirus has taught us.

The time which a lot of us had at home made us think and as Raju Bhaiyya from Hera Pheri would say, “Ye paise banane ki bahut hi Khaas Scheme hai”, so we thought, how about making money from the cash lying idle? Because cash or savings is the most liquid of all assets, the owner only needs to invest it in mutual funds or deposit it in a bank account that pays good annual interest. The owner of idle cash must evaluate his liquidity demands when converting it into an appreciating asset. Lower liquidity is frequently associated with higher interest or appreciation potential.

If you want to get started right away, consider that investment planning necessitates a thorough examination of the return and timeframe. Here’s how to handle that idle fund, including investment ideas for both the short and long term.

Bank fixed deposits

A bank fixed deposit is a good option if you want to invest for a short period of time. These should provide you with the best suitable interest for one year. Because of their guaranteed returns, FDs have drawn the most money. Although you can take an interest deduction for a premature FD withdrawal, you can’t break a five-year tax-saving FD.

Equity Savings Fund


Gold is one of India’s most popular and desired investment options. A gold deposit scheme, gold ETF (exchange-traded fund), gold mutual funds, or digital gold are all options for purchasing gold. Gold mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are highly liquid investments because they allow investors to keep gold in an electronic form and sell it on stock markets.

Equity Savings Fund

Corporate fixed deposits

Are another option; however, they have somewhat higher default risk. Corporate FDs and Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) can provide a better return than bank FDs. The returns are also higher after-tax. On a two-lakh investment, a one-percentage-point rise in returns might improve your income by approximately ₹ 7000 in three years.

Hybrid Mutual Funds

For those dissatisfied with the poor rates of return on fixed-income investments, hybrid mutual funds might provide an advantage in the stock market. There are various possibilities in the hybrid fund category. You can invest using Multipl in these funds by selecting different goals according to your need, and you will get impressive annual returns and rewards.

  • For example, suppose you invest in your children’s education on Multipl. In that case, you can create a Kid’s Education goal and set your time frame according to your investment which is a maximum of up to 3 years & you will get a fantastic annual return of up to 25% plus extra rewards. Furthermore, by evaluating the market, Multipl will invest your funds in the best SIP’s.

But Balanced Advantage Funds and Equity Savings Funds are excellent for a three-year term. This is because the unhedged equity exposure of a Balanced Advantage Fund can range from 0 to 100%, but the unhedged equity exposure of an Equity Savings Fund is limited to 25%. In addition, these funds dynamically manage assets based on market conditions. As a result, they provide attractive risk-adjusted returns and the best SIP to invest now.

Equity Savings Fund

Selecting and managing an equity mutual fund portfolio

May not be your cup of tea. In such instances, instead of purchasing equities, you can choose equity mutual funds that are tailored to your specific investment objectives.

Thanks to the authorities ‘ choosing the best mutual fund for your investing goals. Over the long term, a well-managed fund can yield a return of over 14%. So select funds with a track record of delivering consistent results over time & the best SIP to invest now. Don’t worry; Multipl will invest your fund in the best and most selective SIP selected on various parameters. You can create a Wealth Creation Goal on our app and select the duration according to your preference, starting from 3 years. Multipl will give you the option to withdraw or cancel your investment anytime because we are here to understand and help.


When a significant amount of your earnings is sitting idle, it may not increase and become a liability for your future. The value of your money may continue to depreciate due to inflation. Investing at least some of your money in multiple possibilities can help you grow wealth. It’s time to expand your financial horizons beyond bank accounts and insurance policies by using Multipl

Please get in touch with the team at Multipl or download our app from the Apple app store or Google playstore for free if you want to invest in any of the items mentioned above. In addition, you can inquire about our most recent recommendations or give us your portfolios for a no-cost.

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