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Unwind your financial anxiety & build better saving habits with Multipl

Money-related anxiety is certainly something we’ve all battled with (or are presently struggling with) at some point in our lives. You may not even realise how much stress you’re under until you take the time to acknowledge it. Financial anxiety may cause significant distress in our lives, whether it’s worrying about being able to pay rent or being concerned about your long-term retirement plan. While most of these worries are about your personal finances, in case you happen to be an entrepreneur, you will find yourself stressing out even more.

However, first and foremost, remember that these emotions are entirely normal, and you are not alone! And secondly, since you are becoming cognizant of the situation, you are already halfway towards ensuring a good financial stability by implementing short term investment plans in your life.

In this blog we will talk about how you can ensure the same with Multipl app.

Know your needs better and list them out | money goals

There are reasons about why you are worried about your finances. The first thing thus becomes listing them out. For most of us, these bouts of financial anxiety come randomly. It would be a very rare that you will be able to think of all these concerns at once. Thus, almost every time make it a point to note them down. This will help you get a perspective of how much money you would be requiring at what point in time. Also, you will be able to prioritise better.

money goals

Start Planning towards your Goal | money goals

Now once you have listed your priorities, the next thing is to start planning towards them. These priorities can be saving for an anniversary gift, buying jewellery, an annual insurance amount, saving for a child’s education and a lot of other stuff. On Multipl app, you can create a goal for all of these as well as some custom goals too. You can simply decide the goal value that you would want to reach at, define the period over which you would want to save and voila- a few clicks and your goal is created. Multipl creates smart short term investment plans for you and also takes care that it is shielded from the market fluctuations as well by continuously monitoring the investment. 

money goals

How about Saving on the go- The Auto-Invest Mode

Now, one thing that happens when you think of saving is that you feel that you have many necessary expenses to take care of. Thus, a lot of time you end up without enough money to save. Here again, Multipl app gives the option for auto-invest. So, on the designated date, the money will get deducted automatically and you will have saved yet again, just like that. In addition to this, every time you save for a goal, you get reward points. The points can be used to redeem rewards from major brands like Flynote, Yatra, MMT, EaseMyTrip etc., which eventually help you to spend even smarter and save yet again.

Keep Doing it- Maybe alternate too

While we did talk about Multipl app and how it can help you, there are other saving options that you can consider. These may include investing in stocks, investing in mutual funds, maybe creating FD and RD too. The point is, you need to save for a better future and somehow, there is no alternate to it. You see, as they say in Hindi,”Paise ko Paisa kheenchta hai” (money gets more money), so why not start making and saving some good amount!?


At Multipl, we aren’t a quintessential app that helps you save better using best short term investment plans. Rather, we help you spend on smarter money goals so that you can  save better, so you can “ Unwind your financial anxiety”. We work on the simple logic that you don’t have to dig into your pocket to spend or compromise your lifestyle. Rather, you can create simple money goals on the app and save for the upcoming expense. A smarter investment for such a thing will help you save and then the offers that you would get through the Multipl app will help you save on your expenses even more.

We will be coming up with another blog on smarter investments soon. 

So folks, hope that this blog eased out your anxious nerves better and showed you the path to Financial Nirvana! 

Stay tuned!

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